Electronic power supply unit 48VDC - 480W
  • Electronic power supply unit 48VDC - 480W
  • Electronic power supply unit 48VDC - 480W

Electronic power supply unit 48VDC - 480W

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Electronic feeding equipment for arches and cutting table.


Electronic power supply equipment for hot wire cutting hand tools and CNC machines.


The voltage output of this power supply equipment is continuous adjustable voltage with the front potentiometer, providing

precise cutting of the thread, preventing the thread from vibrating.

Maximum length Approx. of usable wire

        Wire Nicrom 0.40mm.: 150 centimeters
        Wire Nicrom 0.25mm.: 95 centimeters

Wire Titanium 0.35mm.: 200 centimeters


Wire length: 15 a 200 centimeters

(the length may vary depending on the diameter of the wire and the composition)

Important: you can NOT use a length of less than 15 cm as it would cause a short circuit 

  • Built-in temperature regulator.
  • Switch.
  • Nichrome wire can be attached from 0.15mm to 0.65mm.
  • 4mm terminals.
  • Input voltage: 110V - 220V (European connector)
  • Output voltage: 48V DC
  • Maximum power: 480W
  • Weight: 1400 gr

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